Condominium Buyer

"The real estate experience was a daunting one for me. Even for a 6'2" Vietnam era United States Marine Corp Veteran, I'd rather endure a root canal or combat. That aside, I think you handled the home purchase process for me like a Sergeant Major I once had the pleasure of serving with who I knew was always behind me to help me through when times went bad. You handled the negotiations with grace when the going got tough, provided encouragement when my enthusiasm was low and have been in my corner even while I got settled. I appreciate the offers to help me settle, the gift of celebration, being by my side in closing and the clever "I've Moved' notice that was so professionally done. You are a credit to your difficult profession as well as personally gracious."
C. Humphries

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We employed Norma's services for both our recent home sale and new home purchase. We were extremely satisfied with her performance. Norma displayed the utmost professionalism and dedication to securing our best interests. Norma was there (in person), to help persuade the sellers that we were the right buyers for their house during tight negotiations. She continued to add the personal touch by ensuring our current house was ready to sell at the right price for the current market (including re-decorating advice to improve salability). Norma helped us to make the best decision by providing detailed advice and strategy throughout the selling process. Norma continued her excellent service up to the time of closing by communicating regularly and has even followed up on the details after the purchase and sale were completed. Truly an excellent experience during what can be the very stressful time of buying and selling a home. We would highly recommend Norma as an agent and would choose her again."
Mr. and Mrs. Reising

First Time Buyer

"In buying my first home, I relied heavily on Norma's knowledge of the details of the process: making an offer, signing the many papers...and I always felt she was looking out for my best interests. In fact, I met her years ago when she was looking at a property for a client and she impressed me that she was knowledgeable and helpful so I kept her card."
L. Muranaka

Out of State Sellers

"Thank you for the excellent way you handled the sale of our property. As out of state sellers, we especially appreciated your willingness to handle the details of preparing the property for sale that we would normally have taken care of ourselves. Being able to complete the sale by fax and phone saved us a trip."
Mr. and Mrs. Walker

First Time Seller

"Thank you for all your hard work, your relentless diligence and your professional presentation to prospective buyers. You have been a great asset to me."
F. Misumi

Happy Home Buyers

"Norma's low-key, professional guidance saw us through four months of hunting and then through the maze of closing. When we compared our experiences (especially closing) with other friends who were buying at the same time we knew we had been very fortunate to have found her. We wouldn't consider real estate without calling Norma first. Just sign us clients for life."
K. Collins & B. Trejo